In-work....have been working on getting this section's content inserted - it is late AUG21 now.

There are a number of personal projects in-work or worked on over the years with most of them aligned with ham radio. They are being located and compiled from my archives to be presented here.

So far, the projects in this section include:

  • Bucket End-Fed Wire Antenna

  • QRP Labs QCX 5W CW Transceiver

    • This is my personal QCX

  • QRP Labs QCX+ 5W CW Transceiver - 40m -- Repair, Reassembly, and Alignment

    • This QCX+ kit was a challenge as it was from a fellow ham with numerous issues such as burnt-off traces and pads on the PCB, wrong or missing components, and toriods.

  • QRP Labs QCX+ -- Blown Finals Repair

    • yes, the same one QCX+ as from above

  • RF Transfer Switch

    • Needed to find a way for the fellow ham (as above) to always have a load on the QCX+ output

  • QRP Labs QCX -- Blown Finals Repair

  • Kent Twin Paddle Key Kit