Station Diagrams

The WR5E station in Pueblo West (JAN22):

Changes from the early DEC21 version (below) include:

    • Deleted Kent Paddles and being directly connected to Kenwood TS-990S's front panel Key jack

    • Added N3ZN Single Lever Paddle directly connected to WinKeyer USB unit's Paddle jack

    • Cleanup, edits, corrections

WR5E_Network_Radio_RadiosAntennas_220131 copy.pdf
WR5E_Network_Radio_InternetComputerPerpherals_220131 copy.pdf

The WR5E station in Pueblo West (early DEC21):

  • Prior to SEP21, tthere was no WinKeyer USB, and a Bencher BY-2 Paddle was used.

WR5E_Network_Radio_RadiosAntennas_211209 copy.pdf
WR5E_Network_Radio_InternetComputerPerpherals_211209 copy.pdf