QSL Cards

N5HPF 1984-1986

Garland, TX

WR5E 1986

Rowlett, TX

WR5E 1987-1990

Rowlett, TX

I was facinated with the rather new falling raster displays from really good RF test equipment being used as an EW hardware design engineer at a major defense contractor in the Dallas, TX area in the mid-80's. A friend's friend was commissioned for the "good enough" artwork to use for some new cards.

VK8JJ 1990-1991

Alice Springs, Northern Territory (NT) Australia

The QTH was in a cluster of flats ("duplex" here in the US) -- living there was like living in a fishbowl. Was glad, maybe even lucky, to have my 20-10m Cushcraft R-3 End-Fed Halfwave Vertical up around 8-9m installed above the end of the steel-constructed carport. Found out since now being DX and after the cards were printed, that I needed to include my region, CQ zone, and ITU zone on my card. So had a stamp made and then stamped all of my cards with "OCEANIA, CQ ZONE 29, and ITU ZONE 55". Should have had grid square in there also.

VK8JJ 1991

Alice Springs, NT Australia

The picture was taken about 8-10km north of Alice Springs just off of the Stuart Highway looking to the south. These cards were used for a few months after wife, new son, and I moved from the 3BR flat to a 3BR house in MAY91.

VK8JJ 1991-1996

Alice Springs, NT Australia

Loved this personally-designed card and especially the graphic (the card's front graphic personally designed from a highly leveraged local Alice Springs tourism advertisement). Send out a bunch of these....

VK8JJ 1998-2004

Alice Springs, NT Australia

Updated the graphic from before when relocating back to Australia. Not as active on radio due to family and work.

WR5E 2005-2007

Brighton, CO

The graphic is a carry-over from a new card's design that was in-work prior to relocating back to the US in 2004. Really liked the graphic's simpleness being leveraged from an Alice Springs advertisement showing a White Gum tree between Heavitree Gap. Very little radio operation during this time due to family, new property, working on an MBA, and a lot of work and work-related travel.

WR5E 2020-Present

Pueblo, CO

Personally designed card printed by UX5UO. Loved the graphic when first seeing it as so relavent with ham radio, so bought the rights to use it. The schematic showing within my call sign characters is a portion of the TS-990S Final schematic. The backside's report block was updated from my VK8JJ cards (the street address has been blocked-out for showing online).

No QSL cards for the following times:

  • 1980-1981 - New to ham radio as a Novice. No QSOs made as living in apartments in northwest Chicago suburbs along with a lot of international travel for work.

  • 1981-1983 - Relocated to Texas to complete Bachelors degree. Living in an apartment off-campus. No radio operation.

  • 1983-1984 - Relocated to the Dallas, TX area after graduating with Bachelors degree. Lived in apartment. No radio operation.

  • 1996-1998 - Relocated back to US living in Parker, CO. Was only there for about 1.5 years, family, working a lot with some travel, and with not much of an antenna up (although one was planned).

  • 2008-2018 - Relocated from Brighton, CO (north of Denver) to Haymarket, VA (northern VA). Was not "on" the radio hardly at all except maybe the occasional contact on a weekend during the last several years there. Had the Cushcraft R-3 "vertical" up in the attic, then an end-fed 53-foot 26-guage wire from the deck out to trees in back (which worked quite well considering!). Just a lot time related to work and the daily commutes (taking up to 1-2 hours each way per workday) with priority to family when home. After almost 10 years, enough! With the kids on thier own or in college, wife and I decided to "de-stress" and return to CO. Have printed a few QSL cards on my printer for a few QSOs.

  • 2018 - Temporarily living for most of 2018 in Colorado Springs, CO at two locations with wife. Only had an end-fed 40m wire dipole up at second location for about 5 months. Was looking for new property in the Colorado Springs region in preparation for retiring. Have printed a few QSL cards on my printer for a few QSOs.

  • 2018-2019 - Was in new house with very little radio operation - only home on weekends due to work.