Amateur radio organizations that I am a member of, or was in the past:

Current Organizations





The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is the national association for Amateur Radio in the US.

Lifetime member (as of 2023)


Colorado QRP Club


Colorado, US, International

The Colorado QRP Club, Inc. (CQC) was formed in January, 1994 for the purpose of promoting low power amateur radio in Colorado and around the world.

Member number 439

RV Radio Network


RV Radio Network (RVRN)

Member number 1595

Newsletter Editor, JUN23 to Present

The RVRN is for those with an interest in amateur radio and recreational vehicles.

Colorado Repeater Association (CRA)

2006-2007, 2020-Present


The CRA provides amateur repeater services throughout the Colorado Front Range.



Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA)

Amatuer Radio operators licensed for 25 years or more.

Member number 38709

PODXS 070 Club


Club for licensed amateur radio operators enjoying the PSK31 digital mode.

Member number 2732



Club for ham radio operators using CW.

Member number 19790

Former Organizations

Garland Amateur Radio Club (GARC) - 1984-1990


Treasurer, 1988-1989

Garland, TX

E-Systems Amateur Radio Club (ESYARC)


Secretary, 198?

Onsite at the E-Systems , Garland plant located at the NE corner of Jupiter and Miller in Garland, TX.  The ESYARC "shack" (a small building) and its antennas were located at the NE side of the baseball field (closest to the Jupiter and Miller intersection).  E-Systems was bought-out by Raytheon in 1993.  Sadly, the entire complex is no longer there having been demolitioned around 2017-2018.

No website (ever)

Alice Springs Amateur Radio Club (ASARC)


President, 2000-2001

Alice Springs, NT. Australia

No website any longer.  WIA listing is at

Pueblo West Amatuer Radio Club (PWARC)

2018 - 2021

Pueblo West, CO

Secretary until May 2021.

Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA)



The Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) states that it is the oldest national radio society in the world having been established in 1910.

Fauquier Amateur Radio Association (FARA)


Warrenton, VA

G-QRP Club


Club for ham radio operators us low-power - 5 watts or less.

Met Rev. George Dobbs, G3RJV (SK), when signing-up at the G-QRP booth at the 1989(?) Dallas, TX HamCon (when still living and working in the Dallas area before moving to Australia in APR90).  The logo is the new one; am looking for a SPRAT copy for the original logo....


ASARC - Shack


The Alice Springs Amateur Radio Club (ASARC) Shack was/is located within a small normally locked room in the Connellan Aviation Museum.  The club's Icom IC-751 was there for club members or licensed visitors to use.  A Cushcraft A-3 Yagi was installed on top of the old Connellan hanger. 

Photo by Dave Buckwalter, VK8CL (was VK8CL when in Australia; US call then was KC3CL, now is K3SK).

ASARC - Meeting


Terry Murphy, VK8TM, and the helm during the meeting.  Terry now lives in Queensland.

Photo by Dave Buckwalter, VK8CL (was VK8CL when in Australia; US call then was KC3CL, now is K3SK).

ASARC - President


JJ Lambert, VK8JJ (VK8 call then and also WR5E when back in the US and now). 

Photo by Dave Buckwalter, VK8CL (was VK8CL when in Australia; US call then was KC3CL, now is K3SK).