Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil, and have no evil

Discovered at a verndor's stall when in Singapore on an extended business trip in 1980. Just had to have it! And still have it!

Ways to describe a ham with intellectual shortcomings...

  • There's a few too many birds on his antenna.

  • He's about a watt short of a gallon.

  • The filaments are glowing, but there's no drive.

  • He's a dit short of an "e".

  • His tower's a foot (30 cm) short.

  • There's nothing between the base and the emitter.

  • He's a few Hz off of zero-beat.

  • He's sending 40wpm, but his key's not plugged in.

  • His coax doesn't go all the way to the antenna.

  • It's a QRP brain driving a QRO mouth.

  • He's had a serious bout with electricity (thanks to Mr. Ben Hauser for his “pearl of wisdom")

The first 10 are courtesy of the "The Low Down", issue 26, May '98, published by the Colorado QRP Club, Inc.

The text from Alice in Wonderland although humorous in some respects, has really been an inspirational one. In the last 10 years or so working, I always seemed to have this up in my office.

Life is Simple...

This example seen online is "ok" - it is just lacking (to me).

Leveraging from the example on the left, this simple graphic was created. It correlated better with how things are currently viewed.