JJ Lambert


Fascinated with Program/Project Management, Systems Engineering, RF, Analog, and Digital ("ones and zeros"), and Amateur Radio!


I go by “JJ”.

The website's pages are still in-work with more to come in the future. They seem to be updated when needed since going "live" -- "typos" and spelling errors are being corrected when seen along with addiional content being added. One area still being worked is "fleshing-out" the Projects tab.

The website has only been active since November 2020.



My details in QRZ are at https://www.qrz.com/db/wr5e, or clicking the "WR5E QSL card graphic" link to the right.

CW Proficiency (after all of these years)

There is a strong interest in getting back into CW building proficiency, skills, and speed -- basicallly, I want to be better and more comfortable with it.

There was the time in the mid-to-late 1980s when somewhat proficient making regular CW QSOs from my Texas QTHs progressing from around 5WPM as a Novice to 20WPM as an Extra. Then, with heading OCONUS for work with my wife of 2 years in early 1990, I just sort of "dropped" operating CW though remaining active with SSB and digital modes.

After 30+ years now, the desire to be comfortable with CW has returned. In rediscovering CW, a structured daily approach needed to be established. Acting on that desire, I signed up for the CW Ops CW Academy (CWA) Basic Class during the summer of 2021. That CWA's SEP-OCT21 Basic Class and the Intermediate Class (JAN-FEB22) have been completed. Wanting more proficiency, I requested to "redo" the CWA's Intermediate Class for the MAY-JUN22 session. I plan on contributing as an Associate Advisor for my CWA Advisor's Beginner Class for the JAN-FEB23 session.

If you are interested in having a QSO working on brushing-up your CW operating skills as I am, then please reach-out to me via an email message to jj@wr5e.net.

Mac-Based Amateur Radio Applications

This much revised Mac-Based Amateur Radio Applications guide is now available from the Amateur Radio/Mac Amateur Radio Digital Applications area. The guide is focused on the current Kenwood TS-990S Transceiver, MacBook Pro (16-inch, M1, 2021), MacOS 12.5 Monterey, and current applications (such as MacLoggerDX, WSJT-X, and fldigi). This complete revision includes reorganization; new figures; updated text, figures, and photos; along with updating the MLDX, fldigi, and WSJT-X sections. This new revision now includes sections on SkookumLogger and WinKeyer USB (running MacWinKeyer).

The Mac-Based Amateur Radio Applications guide started as a personal project documenting configuration challenges and trials mainly getting fldigi configured and logically integrated with MacLoggerDX (MLDX) using a Macintosh computer (Mac) and a Kenwood TS-990S HF/50MHz Transceiver during 2018. WSJT-X and its configuration and integration with MLDX were also documented. I figured that if I struggled with the configuration and integration with MLDX, fldigi, and WSJT-X and succeeded; then there may be others "out there" that could benefit. That initial version of the guide remains available from the Amateur Radio/Mac Amateur Radio Digital Applications area.

Forthcoming -- In the near-term, probably in late NOV or early DEC22, there will be an sizeable update with the following areas:

  • new area or documentation describing the integration of a Kenwood TS-590S

  • significant update describing a cleaner, better way for the passing of log information from fldigi to MLDX.

  • Cleanup and update for the new MacOS (Ventura, 13.0) along with the current MLDX, WSJT-X, and fldigi versions

Old VK8JJ website persists on qsl.net

The first attempt creating a website still languishes "out there" on qsl.net at https://www.qsl.net/vk8jj/. It was created shortly after returning to Alice Springs in APR98. Unfortunately due to work and family, it was never updated after moving to another residence about a year later (where we lived for another 5+ years until returing back to the US and Colorado in 2004). It had been several years since last seeing it -- thinking that it might have been deleted.

Question? Comment? More information needed?

If so, then please contact me at: jj@wr5e.net



  • Added "QCX with Blown Finals" page under Projects

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  • Inserted updated diagrams under the Amateur Radio / Station Diagrams"

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  • Added Marine Mechanic under Professional

  • Updated the Amateur Radio/Mac Amateur Radio Digital Applications inlcuding current and major revision to the Mac-Based Amateur Radio Applications guide.

  • Added "Life is Simple" in Favorites/Humor

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