JJ Lambert


Fascinated with Program/Project Management, Systems Engineering, RF, Analog, and Digital ("ones and zeros"), and Amateur Radio!


I go by “JJ”.

The website's pages are still in-work with more to come in the days and weeks ahead. They seem to be updated several times a week, sometimes daily, since going "live" -- "typos" and spelling errors are being corrected when seen along with some addiional content being added. One area still being worked is "fleshing-out" the Projects tab. The website has only been active or "up" since late last year, November 2020.


My details in QRZ are at https://www.qrz.com/db/wr5e, or clicking the "WR5E QSL card graphic" link to the right.

CW -- Practice and QSO Request

I am quite interested in getting back into CW rebuilding proficiency, skills, and speed -- basicallly, I want to be much better and more comfortable with it.

There was the time in the mid-to-late 80s when somewhat proficient making regular CW QSOs from my Texas QTHs progressing from around 5WPM as a Novice to 20WPM as an Extra. Then, with heading OCONUS for work with my wife of 2 years in early 1990, I just sort of "dropped" operating CW though remaining active with SSB and digital modes.

After 30+ years now, the desire to be comfortable with CW is strong. I needed to rediscover CW along with forciing myself with a structured daily approach. Acting on that desire, I signed up for the CW Academy's Basic Class during the summer of 2021. The CW Academy's SEP-OCT21 Basic Class has now completed. Wanting to get better, I have now signed up for the Intermediate Class starting in JAN22.

If you are interested in having an occasional or even a regular regular QSO working on brushing-up your CW operating skills as I am, then please reach-out to me via an email message to jj@wr5e.net.

Mac-Based Amateur Radio Applications

The Mac-Based Amateur Radio Applications guide started as a personal project documenting configuration challenges and trials mainly getting fldigi configured and logically integrated with MacLoggerDX (MLDX) using a Macintosh computer (Mac) and a Kenwood TS-990S HF/6m Transceiver during 2018. WSJT-X and its configuration and integration with MLDX were also documented. I figured that if I struggled with the configuration and integration with MLDX, fldigi, and WSJT-X and succeeded; then there may be others "out there" that could benefit. The result is a living document able to be viewed and downloaded from the Amateur Radio/Mac Amateur Radio Digital Applications webpage. The regret is not getting this out sooner.

Portions of the guide were updated after personally transitioning to MacOS 11.0 Big Sur recently (in late November, 2020). The updated guide remains relevant to those staying with MacOS 10.15.7 Catalina or even earlier MacOS versions, and now with those using MacOS 11.n, Big Sur; or now with 12.n, Monterey.

There is also a new section in the Amateur Radio/Mac Amateur Radio Digital Applications webpage detailing the versions recommended/required for MLDX, WSJT-X, and fldigi to successfully run on MacOS 11.n, Big Sur; or with 12.n, Monterey.

The guide has also been updated for the WSJT-X application update. The recently released WSJT-X ver. 2.3.0 accommodates both the Mac's Intel processor along with the new M1 processor. The basic change for being able to run the application for either processor is with updated memory allocation parameters.

Old VK8JJ website persists on qsl.net

The first attempt creating a website still languishes "out there" on qsl.net at https://www.qsl.net/vk8jj/. It was created shortly after returning to Alice Springs in APR98. Unfortunately due to work and family, it was never updated after moving to another residence about a year later (where we lived for another 5+ years until returing back to the US and Colorado in 2004). It had been several years since last seeing it -- thinking that it might have been deleted.

Question? Comment? More information needed?

If so, then please contact me at: jj@wr5e.net

Update 211031

Added content:

  • "QCX with Blown Finals" page under Projects tab

  • Kent Twin Paddle Key kit assembly